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Jake Troyer to Run for House District 81 in 2022

It’s time to bring back balance and fairness to the Montana Legislature

Jake Troyer launched his campaign for House District 81 today with a pledge to work with all stakeholders to fight for Montana’s communities.

“The past legislature was a textbook case of how not to work for the best interests of Montana residents, protect our public lands and system of public education,” Troyer said. “It’s unconscionable that the majority of legislators chose to embrace an extremist agenda that criminalized public health, worsened Montana’s affordable housing crisis and further tilted our tax system in favor of the rich. We can and must find better solutions to the pressing issues we’re facing as a state.”

Jake’s legislative priorities include:

  • Restoring local control for public health and school safety;

  • Making sure all Montanans have the same rights and protections;

  • Increasing apprenticeship and career pathway opportunities for workers;

  • Supporting responsible, science-based land and wildlife management proposals;

  • Protecting the rights and livelihoods of public school teachers and employees;

  • Ensuring major corporations and the very wealthy pay their fair share of Montana’s tax burden.

Jake is no stranger to the Montana Legislature having advocated for conservation, education, workforce development, and healthcare legislation over the last twenty-five years. His knowledge and experience working with the legislature make him a strong voice to represent House District 81.

Jake Troyer is a longtime Helena resident and owner of a strategic consulting company, Sleeping Giant Communications. He also served as Communications Director for the Department of Labor & Industry during the Bullock administration.

In his free time, Jake can be found in the outdoors with his wife, children, and two dogs.

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I appreciate greatly any support you can provide to my campaign for House District 81.  The contribution limit set by state law is $800.00 per person ($400 for each election to include $400 for the primary, and $400 for the general election.

You can also mail a check to:

Troyer for HD 81
PO Box 928
Helena, MT 59624